Dashboards are a fundamental part of every successful business.  They show successes, points of weakness and provide advance warning of what might happen in the future. And yet they are a mercurial thing, often maligned, complex, late and misunderstood.

Are your dashboards and reports meeting business goals?

Are your dashboards and reports solving business problems?

Are they actually being adopted?

Tired of 50 page dashboard requirement documents without a visual in sight? Who actually reads them anyway?

There is a better way.

Enter the BI Dashboard Formula methodology for dashboard requirements. BI Brainz’s four step methodology takes organisations from dashboard planning to scoping to prototyping to go live.

Oh … and are your reports and charts tough to read and confusing?

Too often charts and tables in dashboards and reports have low visual quality, which don’t convey the message quick enough, leading to slow decision making or worse still, no decision made at all.

Enter the SUCCESS formula of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), also known as the Hichert Rules, for a set of design rules for successful reports and presentations.

gdBI is Greg Davey Business Intelligence.  Welcome to my web site.  

I'm a 20 year Business Intelligence consultant, five of them as gdBI. After being a long time BI developer, I now focus on being a business analyst for Business Intelligence.

I take organisations through the BI Dashboard Formula methodology making sure dashboards really do help accomplish intended business goals and resolve business problems.

And I design reports, tables and charts using the SUCCESS formula of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

Have a listen to the Analytics on Fire podcast in which I share part of my BI journey:

I love making the data sing to make a difference to clients and allow the dashboard and report consumers to make smarter decisions and get on with their purpose instead of chasing data.



What our clients are saying about us...

We were asking “so what?” for some of our reports.  The dashboard business goal to dashboard mock-up process, that Greg took us through, helped us to answer the “so what?” and then visualise it.

Luke Twyford

General Manager – Enabling Services Group

Department of Children and Families, Northern Territory Government