gdBI is Greg Davey Business Intelligence.  Welcome to my web site.  I'm a 20 year Business Intelligence consultant. I specialise in BI Dashboard Formula methodology and International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).  I'm a business analyst for Business Intelligence.  I do have a 15 year BI development and training background across a number of vendor BI application suites.

A few years ago, I became increasingly concerned that some of my dashboards and report suites, and those of my peers, were not being adopted to the levels that we would like.  I wanted to increase the rate of adoption.  Too often, dashboards were not helping accomplish business goals, not solving business problems, too ugly to use, not being adopted and therefore a waste of time and money. And what about the business decisions not being made?

I wanted to get upstream into the dashboard and reporting requirements process… but not create a 50 page requirement document that doesn’t have a single visualisation and no-one reads. I wanted more.

Enter the BI Dashboard Formula methodology.  I jumped on board.  I now take organisations through the BI Dashboard Formula methodology, from dashboard business goals to scoping to storyboarding to dashboard design to go-live whilst making sure dashboards really do help accomplish intended business goals and resolve business problems.

Complementing this methodology are the report, table and chart standards from IBCS (also known as the Hichert Rules).  

I love making the data sing to make a difference to his clients and allow the dashboard and report consumers to make smarter decisions and get on with their purpose instead of chasing data. 


What our clients are saying about us...

We were asking “so what?” for some of our reports.  The dashboard business goal to dashboard mock-up process, that Greg took us through, helped us to answer the “so what?” and then visualise it.

Luke Twyford

General Manager – Enabling Services Group

Department of Children and Families, Northern Territory Government